The Tao of Success

A modern book of destiny and power, using the ancient principles of the Tao Te Ching

How do we begin to discover and live our destined life? How can we use the ancient, Eastern philosophy to experience more success in our lives today? 

From Derek Lin, Taoist master and author of The Tao of Daily Life, comes this practical, systematic approach to the ancient and time-honored spiritual learning process. The Tao of Success navigates the five rings of life, which are common patterns of traditional Tao cultivation, conceptualized by the ancient sages: your spirit, your mind, your relationships, your world, and your destiny. Success is achieved by exploring and experiencing these five concentric rings, from the inside out, and not in the future but in the here and now. 

Using the same format that made The Tao of Daily Life, a breakout Eastern wisdom bestseller, Lin draws on the power of Taoist stories to illustrate important key lessons. He then offers commentary on understanding and applying that story in modern life—all aimed to help readers live out the destiny that lies within themselves. 

By integrating the life-altering lessons of this book into their busy lives, readers can begin to cultivate the Tao. In The Tao of Success, Lin returns with his enlightening approach to understanding, centered on story and illumination of ancient Taoist secrets for the modern beginner and the experienced student alike.